As of January 31, 2014, Jajah will no longer offer any or Jajah Direct services

Dear Jajah Customers,

As of January 31, 2014, Jajah will no longer offer any or Jajah Direct services to its users in the United States or elsewhere. This means that, as of January 31, 2014 you will no longer be able to make any calls through Jajah’s website or using any Jajah Direct numbers you have set up.

If you have not requested a refund so far, Jajah will attempt to provide a refund. You may contact Jajah at if necessary with questions, you may be asked to provide PayPal account information to which Jajah can post the credit.

Thank you for having been such a valuable user.

200 West Evelyn Ave,
Suite 120,
Mountain View,
CA 94041,

Although we will be closing and Jajah Direct, Jajah’s technology and expertise continues to represent the core of Telefonica’s communications capabilities. Fully integrated into Telefonica Digital, Jajah is the key voip network platform for the Group and its engineering teams are behind innovative products such as TU Go, International Favourites, International Extras and Global Friends. Since the acquisition in 2010, we have significantly invested to grow and reinforce the Jajah team in Israel by over 70% and earlier this year it was re-named Telefonica Digital Israel.
The closure of Jajah Direct and has no impact on communications services offered by Telefonica Operating Businesses, such as TU Go or Global Friends, and it has no impact on our presence in Israel which continues to represent the bulk of our communications engineering capabilities.

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5 thoughts on “As of January 31, 2014, Jajah will no longer offer any or Jajah Direct services

  1. Hi, I can only concur with the others. I found this about 10 years ago via a testimonial and told many people. Good luck to those involved- I didn´t even know it was based in Israel. Interesting!
    Does any one have an equivalent recommendation here please. I don´t like Skype much either.

  2. Very Very sad! I’m using Jajah for about 7 years!!!
    It is a great service! During the years I recommended the service to many people. I’m very sad to hear this news, I wish I could help to keep you guys up and running.
    Thanks again for a great service.

    Penny, Los Angeles, CA

  3. I love your service way more than Skype. You were the “first one” I could make a phone call by real phone instead of stuck with pc with headphone and microphone. That was great service and I was very excited when I found you. but nothing is forever.

    My old company was acquired by Telephonica too….. different country, different culture……. well…….. anyway, time flies, move forward!

    I wish all of you have great new journey next year.
    Hope see you somewhere with your new wow product!!

    Thank you, Jajah!!

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